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Russya Connor had her first stage appearance as the smallest dwarf in the ballet Snow




Award-winning German/Australian performer Russya Connor has a diverse background as an international performer, dancer and theatre maker and lives happily in Fremantle. 


Russya had her first stage appearance as the smallest dwarf in the ballet Snow White at the tender age of seven, and since then she has had a diverse performance history as a performance artist and theatre maker, both here in Australia and throughout Europe. Russya’s career began in her native Germany, where she worked as an actress, both in theatre and in film, and toured as a dancer/choreographer with ‘orientobsession’. Since moving to Australia several years ago Russya has been involved in a range of short films, theatre and dance performances.


Her show The Existentialist’s Survival Guide for Australia blends story-telling, comedy and philosophical reflections and toured Australia and New Zealand.


She acted as Abby in the Neil LaBute’s The Mercy Seat for Fringe World’s Summer Nights program at The Blue Room Theatre (2015) and in Ross Mueller’s play Concussion as Katarina (2014) and loves performing more casually for Barefaced Stories.


In 2013 her sell-out season of the ecologically inspired solo work Sea Inside at The Blue Room Theatre set critics raving.


In 2012 she directed the all-female Euthalia Ensemble, who have taken Penthesilea through sell-out seasons at the Black Box Theatre for Fremantle Festival and also for Fringe World 2013.


Russya performed vertically in Public Space and took home Best WA Performance Award for her efforts. She played with fire for Les Commandos Percu, BPM, at the Perth International Arts Festival opening show, and told suspended stories in How close do you want me? for the 2012 Spirit of Fringe awarded program Proximity, the first micro-art-festival in Australia.


Russya received her PhD in contemporary performance  at WAAPA, which has taken her from the depths of the ocean to the heights of the mountains, as well as into close proximity with her audiences in her explorations of the poetics of gravity.


In her visual work she captures the multiple, multi-temporal, and evocative qualities of place, and our conceptual relationship to the natural world. The perception of a world endlessly and continually coming-into-being. She presented her work at a group exhibition in the Moores Building Gallery in 2016.



Selected Artistic Experience

A full list of artistic work can be provided upon request



            Show                                                                   Venue/Company

2016     The Existentialist’s Guide                                        Fringe Perth, New Zealand

2014     RedHeads                                                             Euthalia Ensemble

2013     Sea Inside                                                            The Blue Room Theatre

            Penthesilea                                                           Fringe festival Perth         

            Falling (for 600seconds)                                         The Blue Room Theatre

2012     Penthesilea                                                           Black Box, Freo Festival

            Alchemy: Sea In Me                                               WAMED, Subiaco Arts Centre

            How close do you want me?                                   Proximity festival

2011     Blau, Independent                                                 Link Dance Company, WAAPA

2009     Celebration                                                           SCA, Theatre 16

2005     Putting On An Act                                                  Pica, Jury selection

            Orientobsession                                                     Touring Germany

            Soul Of Orient                                                       Frauenfestival, Karlruhe

2004     Electro Belly Minimal 2                                           Eigenarten Festival, Hamburg

2003     EBM2                                                                   Eigenarten festival,

2002     Elektro Belly Minimal                                              Kampnagel                     




Theatre/Performance (performing)


2016     Signifying Nothing                                                 Hammond Fleet Prod

2016     The Existentialist’s Guide                                        Fringe Perth, New Zealand

2015     Anemalia                                                              Bareface stories

2015     Bareface story battle                                              Bareface stories

2015     The Mercy Seat                                                     Summer Nights Festival

2014     Velse e Ventes; Xarxas                                           Perth International Arts Festival

            Concussion                                                           The Blue Room Theatre

            Public Space 2                                                       Moxy Collective

2013     Sea Inside                                                            The Blue Room Theatre

            Public Space                                                          Little y Theatre/Moxy Collective

            BPM, Les Commandos Percu                                   Perth International Arts Festival

2012     How close do you want me?                                    Proximity festival

            PROJEKTET                                                           Ola Johansson, FAC 

            On the couch with the Freudian Dreamgirls               Fringe festival                 

2011     Les Girafes                                                            Company off, PIAF

2010     Sommertraum                                                       RS. Otto

2007     Journey of the happy Buddah                                  Ralf Rauker, UNIMA

2006     Vagina Monologues                                                Sally Lattin, Fly by Night

            Check Out!                                                            Jane Raitt, Perth




2013     Factory293                                                            Roderick MacKay

2006     Coffee?                                                                 Jo Hiller FTI

2005     withheld                                                               Sarah  Brown  for FTI

            counting numbered day                                          BrendanBriggs, Curtin

            Anam    (feature film)                                             Buket Alakus

2001     Der Einzelne in der Gesellschaft                               Micha Würfel, dffb

1999     Delay                                                                   LaurenceTootey, HdK

            Die Meinung des Dorfes                                          Stefanie Ressin



Television (all Germany)


2005     Loves rules                                                           SAT1

            SAR                                                                     ZDF

            Judge at three                                                      ZDF

2004     Judge at three                                                      ZDF

            Castle Einstein                                                      KiKa/ ARD

            Kiss me, Tiger                                                       NDR

            Die Affäre Semmeling                                            ZDF

            Motorcycle-Cops                                                    RTL

            Wollfs Revier                                                         Sat1



Video installations


2015     Bogong Centrefor Sound Culture Supported Residency

            Silent Underwater Movie festival, Belgrade

2014     Topos, logos, Music Video

2013     Silent Underwater Movie festival, Belgrade

            Dance week Australia

2012     Sculptures on the Street, Fremantle Art Festival 




Oriental Dance 


2013    Ozgen: One night in Istanbul, Elyrean Theatre

2012    alchemy, Subiaco Arts Center

2011    WAMED festival, Perth

2010    winternights schmidts tivoli, Hamburg

2009    WAMED festival, Perth

2008    solo in the spotlight, Middle Eastern Dance Festival Perth

2007    WAMED festival

2005    Orientobsession, Tour 6 major Cities, Germany

           Kaleidoscope, tv program.

2004    AIDA Cara, Cruise Ship, performance.

           Bellies Under the Stars, Perth amphitheatre.

           Bellies for Breasts, benefit performance, Perth, Octagon Theatre

           Orientobsession, Hamburg, Bremen, Karlsruhe /

           Gala Bazar Oriental, Berlin.

2003    Finnland Oriental Dance Festival, Turku, Finnland

          Soul Of Orient Womanperspective Festival, Karlruhe

          Spring Festival, Frankfurt, Summer Dance Week, Münich.  

           Presenter Orient Dance, Kaifu &Orient Dance Show, Hamburg

2002    Singapore Orient Night, Singapore

           Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival, Sydney

           Football World Cup Semifinal NDR-Stage Hamburg

           Khan-el-Khalili Show, Hamburg /Orient-Magazine Festival, Augsburg

           Congress Bv f. Ot, Altleiningen & Orienta, Frankfurt

           Lelya Jouvanas 10th.Orientalisches Festival Europe, Duisburg

           Finnland Oriental Dance Festival, Turku.

2001    Show in Thessaloniki, with Sayed Balaha, Greece

           World of Orient, Hannover/One Night From 1000 Nights, Gala, Hamburg

           Oriental  Dance Festival Gladbeck Up To Dance.

           Variety in Goldbeckhaus, Hamburg, Rampenfieber, Hamburg 




















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